Dr. Nelson Explains: What Makes My Practice Different 


Neuropsychology is a science and an art. The professional who evaluates your child needs to have a thorough background and extensive training, as well as up-to-date knowledge of cutting-edge science. You should also feel comfortable with how your neuropsychologist practices.


Different providers work in different ways. What works for one family may not work for your family. Here are some features that define my practice: 

3-Step Process


  • Intake: You come in for a separate, parents-only intake appointment about a week before I meet your child. This allows you to talk openly and confidentially about your concerns. It also ensures you know I'm the right "fit" for your family before I get started with your child. 


  • Testing: I spend a full day with your child (or a full morning with younger children). This allows me to see the child across an entire day, rather than just for an hour or two when they might be "at their best." This also means I have ample time to do very thorough testing, while still working at your child's pace. 


  • Feedback: We go over the test results and what they mean about 1-2 weeks after the testing appointment. That gives me enough time to thoroughly consider your child's results, without leaving you waiting. 


Individualized Assessment Battery


  • Strengths-Based: I focus on your child's strenghts and their vulnerabilities. The test results will highlight what your child needs to succeed, as well as what assets to build on. 


  • Personalized: My assessment battery is tailored to your concerns. I don't use the same tests for every child -- I select the most appropriate tests for the specific questions you have. 


  • Personal: I do all my own testing, scoring, and report-writing. I don't work with technicians or students -- I work one-on-one with your child and complete all aspects of the evaluation personally.




Unique Summary & Report


  • Written Summary: You leave the feedback appointment with a 2-page written summary of your child's evaluation results. No need to worry about writing anything down while we're talking -- it will all be right there for you. The summary comes on signed letterhead, perfect for quickly communicating with school personnel, pediatricians, therapists, psychiatrists, or other providers. 


  • Thorough Report: About 6 weeks later, you'll receive a full report. You already received the most important information at the feedback. The report is just for your child's records. It will include background information, details of what your child was like during testing, full test scores, plus that information that was in the summary. All this "extra" information is sometimes needed by schools and other professionals. 




  • Board Certification: I'm board-certified in both pediatric and clinical neuropsychology.


  • Test Selection: I'm trained in many specialized tests (like the ADOS-2, a test for autism) that not all professionals are trained in. I have an extensive test library of the most up-to-date tests available. 

See What Families Had To Say: 

I wanted to take the opportunity again to let you know how grateful we feel that you’ve helped us illuminate  our son’s strengths and weaknesses. We now have some peace of mind and a direction to follow. I’ve read your report and it was wonderful. Empathetic, thoughtful, constructive and respectful of our son’s uniqueness. It made my heart glad. We are truly blessed to have had this journey with you!                       -The Z Family