Common Parent Questions 

Do you have any of these questions about your child? The answers will lead to a clear, thorough, individualized plan for improvement. Call today to get started. 

Processing Questions
  • Our child seems unfocused and disorganized. Does he have ADHD?


  • What are my child's strengths? What are her unique weaknesses?


  • How does my son best take in new information? What's his preferred learning style?


  • How could my child's medical issue affect how she learns and processes information?


  • Is my child gifted? Can a student be gifted and still have processing or learning challenges? What does it mean to be "twice exceptional"?


Learning Questions


  • Why does my child seem so frustrated about school?


  • My son is struggling with reading and math. Could he have a learning disorder?


  • Why can't my child remember what he's studied when it's time for the test?  How can he best show what he knows?


  • Why is it so hard to get my child to do homework? Why isn't he more motivated?


  • Has my daughter's IEP and tutoring helped? What gains has she made?




  • My son seems anxious or sad. It's affecting him at school and with peers. Is it causing focus issues?


  • Why is making friends so hard for my child? What can we do?


  • Our occupational therapist says our son has "sensory processing" problems. What does that mean?


  • Our therapist wants more information about our son. Can you help us pinpoint what else could be going on?


  • My child has struggled with a longstanding developmental delay. Can you help us update his profile and plan for his future?

See What Families Had To Say:

Thank you so much for your time and the success you have helped my son enjoy. He started at a new school and I feel we, as a family, and he, as a student, have greatly benefited since getting an official diagnosis and setting a plan in place.  – The K Family