What Questions Can an Evaluation Answer?

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Neuropsychological evaluations are guided by the questions you have about your child. Just as no two children are alike, no two evaluations should be alike.


You need answers that work for your child and that fit in with your family's needs. The specific questions you have determine what type of testing is done and what recommendations are made.


Parents have a lot of different questions about their child's processing skills, social and emotional life, and overall development. Sometimes these questions are very general, like "How do I help my child fulfill his potential?" or "How does my child learn best?" 


Sometimes these questions are much more specific, like "How does my son's complex medical history affect how he remembers information?" Neuropsychological evaluations can be comprehensive and answer broad, general questions. Or, they can be highly targeted to answer very specific questions. Click here for some common questions other parents are asking. 

"We have thoroughly enjoyed working with you. The professionalism and kindess you have shown Will and our family throughout this process has been so appreciated. We would highly recommend you!"

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