A Letter to Kids from Dr. Nelson


(Parents: This letter may be helpful for kids ages 6-12 who want to know what testing will be like)

Office Photo Desk Side.jpg
This is my office. Kids sit in one of those chairs in front of the desk. 

You know how everyone has things they are good at, and things that are hard for them? 


My job is to figure out what you are good at, and what's hard for you. That way, we can figure out how to make school more of the things you are good at. If something is hard for you right now, we can figure out how to make it better. 


You can see what my office looks like in this picture. When you come to my office, I will ask you to do a lot of things. Some of them will be like things you do in school. Other things will be new for you. We'll sit at a desk and work together, like you do with a teacher at school. 


You'll think some of the tasks are really easy. Other tasks will be hard. A lot of the things we'll do will start out easy, and then get hard. I'm excited to find out which tasks challenge you. That helps me learn how you learn.


I think you'll find some tasks really interesting and fun. You get to draw, and build things, and look at pictures. Some tasks might be boring, or just not your favorite. That's OK. When we find a task you like, I'll write that down. That is the kind of thing I want to know about you!


Every kid also has a lot of feelings. Some feelings, like happy or relaxed, make learning easier. Some feelings can make learning harder. I'll ask you about how you are feeling. I'll also ask you what you like to do when you're not in school. 


All kinds of kids come to see me. Some kids are the kinds of kids who love school. Others hate school right now. Some kids feel good about themselves. Other kids are not so sure. Some of the kids I meet are in kindergarten. Others are in third grade, or fifth grade, or high school -- or even college!


Whatever kind of kid you are is OK. I am going to like you just the way you are. I can't wait to meet you!