My Training

My approach to testing is rooted in my training. Being board certified in both pediatric neuropsychology and clinical neuropsychology means I have expertise working with two groups of children:    


   (1) Children with medical disorders that affect cognition, and                    

   (2) Children with social, emotional, or processing concerns            

         that affect learning and development.


My training means I have expertise in functional neuroanatomy -- how the brain works -- as well as child development. 


My background allows me to specialize in evaluations of students with complicated issues, such as when emotional, social, and processing factors are intertwined. Often, the children I work with have a complex mosiac of concerns that have proved challenging for families and professionals to pinpoint. 


Meet Dr. Nelson


Choosing a professional to trust with your child is a personal decision. When choosing a neuropsychologist who is the right "fit" for your family, think about the background, training, and testing philosophy of the professional you're considering. Read about my approach here and see if it resonates with you. 


My Approach 

My goal with every assessment is to provide clear guidance on why a child is struggling right now, and how to help. I focus on: 


  • Strengths

  • Vulnerabilities or needs

  • How these vulnerabilities will affect the child at home, at school, in the community, and in relationships

  • How to best support the student moving forward 


These assessments are a blueprint to how your child thinks and learns. 


If you have a struggling student, you know that the normal challenges of parenting are magnified by your child's needs. When those needs are complex, you need a team of family members, teachers, therapists, and other professionals to rely on. A team who wants the best for your child, and who will cheer your child on to success. Much of your child's future depends directly on this team, and how the your team works together to help your child navigate challenges.


An evaluation will not be the miracle solution to all of your child's struggles. It will be a "road map" that guides you and your child's team. A thorough, sophisticated evaluation gives you and your team the map that shows with crystal clarity where you've been, where you are now, and what lies ahead. 


The winding road of parenting a child with special needs is easier to follow when you have a map that outlines the best routes to take, what to look out for along the way, and what the destination promises. I have been fortunate to see many families use assessment results to chart a course that builds on their child's strengths, works around their challenges, and gets them where they want to go. 


Curious about what makes my practice different from other professionals? Click here for more information. 

See What Professionals Had to Say:

"Dr. Nelson's energy is calm and reflective. When she listens, you can feel her absorbing every word you have to say. You feel truly heard and understood. And when she speaks, everyone sits up and pays attention -- they don't want to miss a single one of her skillful insights!"

                                                                                       -Carole Clemson, District Director of Special Education